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Marquette Schedule Prospectus

The following is a guesstimate for Marquette's Men's Basketball schedule over the next 3 years. As more information becomes known, this
page will be updated.
2006 - 2007
The 2006-07 Schedule has been released. Click here to view.
2007 - 2008
Home Games: 9 BE, UW-Milwaukee, UW-GB, 2 Blue & Gold, ~3 Buy Games

Away Games: 9 BE, 3 Maui Invitational (ASU, Duke, Illinois, LSU, Oklahoma St, Princeton, Chaminade), UW-Madison
2008 - 2009
Home Games: 9 BE, UW-Madison, UWM, UW-GB, 2 B&G, ~3 Buy Games

Away Games: 9 BE, 3 "ESPNU Classic" @ Disney
Also: 1 "neutral court" game vs. an SEC team is expected to be played once in December, between '07-'09.

MU owes Fordham a game at their home arena.