Big East Teleconference

Suffering first round losses the last two years in the NCAA tournament, the Golden Eagles are preparing for a deep run come March. They are looking to build on three consecutive conference wins and are primed for a run for the conference title.
At the weekly Big East teleconference, Tom Crean answered some questions about his team, conference opponents and the Big East.
Question: Talk a little bit about your game against St. John's.
Tom Crean:"Our guys had a great mindset going into Madison Square Garden last night playing a very tough and dangerous St. John's team. Our guard play really led the way. Also solid play out of David Cubillan, Trevor Mbakwe and Dan Fitzgerald. We really need to learn how to play better with a lead."
Question: What do you think about the RPI?
Tom Crean: "I look more of where the league is. You can say the Big East is as good as any around."
Question: Discuss Luke Harangody.
Tom Crean: "The number one thing he has is a passion to play. He knows what he wants to do. He has developed a good 15-17 foot jump shot and is a good defender. Passion leads the way for him."
Question: There are a lot of good guards in the Big East, but what sets Dominic James apart?
Tom Crean: "There are a lot of good guards. Look at the way he played against Pitt. His vision and ability to pass the ball sets him apart. He is a great on the ball defender. But again, it's his ability to pass the ball."